hey there!

I’m Ayesha,

I live in Bristol UK with my husband Sam and our little girl Arwen.

I created Surprise Radish to modernise the art we share with our kids.

After having Arwen I was struggling to find pieces for our nursery which was also my office at the time. I was looking for adult-friendly-kid-first prints and coming up short.

This collection is designed to be just that. A contemporary take on traditional alphabet prints. Something modern and playful that we all want to look at. For all family spaces. Not just nurseries and playrooms.

Each print is made with kindness to our planet, ourselves and each other. Check out Really Good Questions to find out how we are doing this ︎

From my family to yours.

Keep exploring,
Ayesha, Sam & Baby Arwen x

Pssst. Our pieces are designed with the whole family in mind, we think they look great in every room of the house!

alphabet prints for
modern family spaces.

© 2024 Surprise Radish / Aah Yes Studio

© 2024 Surprise Radish / Aah Yes Studio

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